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Hi there, thanks for taking the time to join us here at The Book of Ultimate Truths.

If you, like us, love everything to do with the movies, from the pre-production right through to the premiere and beyond, then we have something special for you.

Now we believe that as filmmakers, not only do we have a responsibility to our audience to deliver quality films that entertain, but also to ourselves and the people who invest in our films to provide clear goals around marketing and distribution to make it as successful as possible.

But all too often we see low to mid-budget features based on poor concepts, that don’t have a defined target audience, no clear strategy for distribution and marketing, and are often poorly executed, both in the writing and the production. Who wants to see these films?! We don’t, that’s for sure.

The Book of Ultimate Truths is something a little bit different. It’s a feature film adaptation of the book of the same name by best-selling writer of far-fetched fiction, Robert Rankin.  We have a great production crew and are looking to fund and produce the film over the next eighteen months, with a target shoot date of summer 2018.

The state of play...

Being experienced in the world of film production, we understand that making a movie is an incredibly hard thing to do. The number of people involved alone, even on low budget features, is usually far in advance of any tech startup or business venture.

But there is something quite unique in so many people coming together to share their passion and creativity to produce something that is usually far greater than the collective whole – and that is the magic of movie-making.

Traditionally, we feel, the UK film industry tends to play it safe and produce heist movies and period dramas, and, to be honest, this lack of diversity is hurting us. Yes, the big budget pictures come in and shoot here (Star Wars: Rogue One, Transformers: The Last Knight etc.), but to be a real success, we believe that there should be more diversity of films being produced.

And the times, they are a-changing. A new breed of home-grown directors is starting to emerge, ones who understand their audience, and know that commercial demands must be wedded to artistic vision to achieve success.

Love, and a bit with a dog...

Some of the best UK low to mid budget films that went on to be commercial successes did so in a large part because of their particular ‘Britishness’. Four Weddings and a Funeral (and anything else by Richard Curtis), The King’s Speech, Withnail and I, Shakespeare in Love, I, Daniel Blake – all very dramatic and/or comedic, and all very British, which plays well at home and with US audiences.

For this project we have gone down the comedic route. For those not so familiar with Robert Rankin’s work, Robert has published over 30 novels during his career and sold in excess of 5 million copies. So we know already that we have a very solid fan-base on which to springboard. What’s more, The Book fo Ultimate Truths is one of his most popular books, and features arguably his most famous character, Hugo Rune.

Our team is also very talented, with what we consider to be a great combination of experience that is only usually found in big budget productions.

The Book of Ultimate Truths

The Book of Ultimate Truths is a hilarious and very British movie. Think of it as Bill and Ted’s Excellent and Adventure meets Withnail & I.

The story revolves around the tall and big-haired Cornelius Murphy and his diminutive best friend, Tuppe. Cornelius and Tuppe, fresh out of school and believing themselves to be the Stuff of Epics, set off on a mission to try to reclaim the missing pages from The Book of Ultimate Truths. These pages will change the history of the world forever, should they be published. But someone else is also after the missing pages, the evil Campbell, who wants the missing pages to fulfil his own nefarious deeds.

As the adventure unfolds around the United Kingdom, our heroes meet many weird and wonderful characters, from the gun-toting Monks who live in a hideous monastery, to the laughing locals of a pub apparently lost in time. Along the way they learn many strange and wonderful things, both about themselves, and the truth behind the man who wrote The Book of Ultimate Truths, Hugo Rune.

The Team

Andy Coughlan – Screenwriter and Director

Andy’s career started in marketing communications and worked as both marketing and marketing communications manager for FTSE100 companies in his career before switching over to making films, so he understands the commercial needs that come with making any product.

He brings this knowledge, combined with his project management, writing and directing talents to The Book of Ultimate Truths. Andy understands that for the film to be a success, it must reach standards much higher than most independent films reach, but not a big-budget film costs.

Andy not only embodies what a good director should be, he also understands that to achieve success, he must balance artistic vision with commercial sensibilities.

Be a part of it!

If you think you’d like to be a part of our project, either as a funder (with it’s shiny Executive Producer credit) or a crew member, drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you. We’re also offering a finder’s incentive, so if you know someone who may be interested in investing in the film, you could earn yourself a finder’s fee – and with a projected budget of £2m, that could be quite a bit of money

Or, if you’d just like to keep abreast of developments and sign up to our newsletter, just leave the message section blank.